Macon’s Number One Choice in Express Car Washes

You will come to expect excellent service when you frequent Cherry Blossom Car Wash – it is our priority. We are committed to establishing a destination that is convenient and efficient, affordable, and boasts the latest technology in the industry.

Extensive Express Car Wash Options

We believe that every car wash experience should be better than the last. That is why we are committed to constantly improving our services. We are always looking to implement the latest car-washing technology, and we stay up to date on industry standards. Our express car wash menu has an option for various price points and cleaning needs.

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Car Wash Fundraising Made Easy

Fundraising for your organization has never been this easy! Partner with Cherry Blossom Car Wash for a car wash fundraiser unlike any other. There will be no need to make posters, gather soap and rags, and find a place to wash the cars – we take care of all the washing! All you have to do is sell wash tickets and your organization receives a percentage of the sales as a donation.

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Benefits of a Frequent Car Wash

We understand that keeping a clean car is important for many reasons. Regularly washing your car prevents under-hood buildup of things like mud, rain, and other foreign substances that can cause damage to your vehicle over time. Regular washes also prolong the life and improve the condition of your car. Washing will knock off any impurities that can damage and cause your vehicle to deteriorate faster. This practice also keeps windows and mirrors clear of distracting residue or stains that cause you to pay less attention to the road.

No matter the benefit that strikes you or the car wash option that fits your need, Cherry Blossom Car Wash is the destination for excellent service and affordable wash plans to keep your vehicle on the road longer and looking immaculate!